Having it Your Way With Kids and Chores

One of the most common things you’re going to fight about with your child is the topic of chores. You probably find yourself asking them if they have done their chores only to get talked back at saying that they’ll do it later on. The reason behind their disgruntlement towards being told to do chores is because most of them find it boring and tiresome. With all of the means of entertainment available nowadays such as computers and video games, most children do not want to spend their time doing chores that they usually see their parents do for them.
There are many ways to get your children to do chores, but two main approaches. The first is the serious and punishment-laden approach for when nothing else will work, and the happy and rewarding approach for when your children are willing to do chores if you give them a bit of an incentive.
First, we’ll talk about the serious approach. Before you and your child get into another argument, you have to set your foot down and explain to them why they must do chores. Sit them down and ask them about why they don’t like to do chores, and try to tell them why they need to do them. If your child needs to be punished, you can try to time their chores. For example, give them 30 minutes to finish a certain chore or their bedtime will be made earlier by 30 minutes. You can turn this into an incentive though, by telling them that if they do it within the given time, then they’ll get a later bedtime.
Punishments for not doing chores should only be given as a last resort though. So you should try giving them an incentive instead. For example, you can give them an allowance or pay-by-the-task if they do their chores. If they don’t do their chores, then they don’t get as much allowance. This can apply to certain chores. Not everything they do around the house should be done for pay.
If you have young children, then a great way to get them to help out with chores is by making it fun. Young kids love feather dusters since they’re soft so you can give them the duty to dust things. Spraying and wiping is also fun for children, so they can do windows or tables. You can even make chores like a game. For example, folding clothes quickly and neatly or matching socks can be fun. Put on some fun music.
When children need to clean up their room, then you can hide sweets or a quarter in the room for them to have after they find it when cleaning up. You can role play when cleaning up to by playing maids and butlers or handymen. You can pretend to be the toys and talk to your child as the toys while they are being picked up.
Making children do chores doesn’t have to be so hard. All you need to do is use the appropriate approach for your children. Soon enough, they’ll be able to do their chores without groaning or griping, and both you and your children will be happy. Remember to appreciate their work all the time as well, so that they will feel like they’re really helping out. It can also be helpful if parents work at household chores at the same time their children do, so they are set the right example with the right attitude.