The Laundry Center Offers Commercial Laundry Service in NYC Area for Commercial Houses

Business Commercial spaces like schools, restaurants, hotels, health clubs, Bread & Breakfast, spas and saloons and hospitals need laundry service. They can get the best quality service from the Laundry Center with free pickup and delivery service if they operate from the NYC Area. With a quick turnaround time and easy online access, this service stands unique from similar service providers in NYC.

The assures the commercial customers “Your laundry will be custom washed according to your preferences as well as professionally folded”. Further, before delivery, all the laundry is checked for quality assurance. This is something important for commercial houses to maintain high standards in their business. Every piece of cloth is handled with the utmost care by the trained attendants at Further, the company will ensure that there is no missing cloth before they dispatch the received laundry for delivery. In addition to the best features like the next day delivery and free pickup and delivery, the company also charges just $1.25 per pound of clothes. This is a competitive pricing that most service providers cannot afford to offer.

Commercial establishments can now grab this excellent opportunity by booking for pickup of laundry at About The Laundry Center: After having established in the year 2008, The Laundry Center expanded their service to six locations. They now serve the entire Manhattan area. Not just commercial customers, they also offer laundry service for residential customers as well. With a huge list of customers both in the commercial and residential arena, the company has been serving well.

Sacramento Air Duct Cleaning Specialist becomes NADCA Certified to Provide the Highest Quality Serv

Business,Business News Sacramento, CA – The owner of Advanced Air Duct Cleaning Solutions has become NADCA certified to provide the very best service for customers.  Many duct cleaning contractors will provide an array of expensive, and often, unnecessary services.  Not so with the Certified Sacramento Air Duct Cleaning Professionals working for Advanced.Learn more here:   “All work completed by our duct cleaning contractors is performed according to ACR, the NADCA Standards and complies with NADCA’s Code of Ethics,” said Merrifield, spokesperson for the company.  “When done correctly, HVAC cleaning and air duct cleaning is a very beneficial service for the home or business.”   NADCA, (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) was formed in 1989 as a nonprofit association of companies who clean air ducts and HVAC systems.

NADCA began with the intention to promote source removal as the only acceptable method of cleaning and to establish industry standards for the association.   Today, NADCA’s mission has expanded to include qualified companies that perform inspections, air duct cleaning, and restoration of HVAC systems. The association supports members’ success with standards, education, certification, marketing and advocacy to promote ethics and the highest quality services.  Read more:   Companies like Advanced Air Duct Cleaning Solutions of Sacramento must meet strict requirements in order to be a member of NADCA. They must have at least one NADCA certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) on staff, maintain general liability insurance, agree to clean according to ACR, the NADCA Standards and comply with NADCA’s Code of Ethics.  This criteria was established to provide a higher level of assurance to consumers.   Air conditioning and ventilation systems in homes and businesses are known breeding grounds for contaminants like molds, fungus, and bacteria. 

The Sacramento Air Duct Cleaning Specialists with Advanced have been cleaning air ducts for over 15 years.  Possessing a wide range of experience with every system in the industry they take great pride in professionalism and quality work.  Visit to learn more.   About Advanced Air Duct Cleaning Solutions:  Advanced Air Duct Cleaning Solutions is a licensed contractor for air ducts.  They will provide a complete inspection and evaluation of the HVAC system and duct work.  In addition they offer attic decontamination services, specifically modeled in accordance with industry standards, for the removal of contaminated insulation.  The goal is to improve indoor air quality and maximize the efficiency of the HVAC system.   Contact:    Darcy Merrifield Advanced Air Duct Cleaning Solutions Sacramento, CA 95842 (916) 312-4020 Contractor’s License #959405   This press release was submitted by Right Now Marketing Group, LLC     ?

Where to Store Kids Snow Boots

Kids Snow Boots are worn during winter days and they are used to step on thick snow layers that fill the ground, so whether you like it or not, snow boots will eventually get wet on the outside. At certain time you may have stepped on soil-y grounds, this will then make your snow boots muddy especially when snowflakes melts out with the soil.

Kids can’t be stopped especially when it’s playtime. They could just go and step on anything flat and solid not minding whether it’s soil-y or not. Parents with kids like these usually go crazy thinking about the ways or procedure of cleaning snow boots. One of the hassles brought about by winter season is the mountain of clothes that mothers will have to laundry before the whole family ran out of wardrobe and included in the list is the pair of kid’s snow boots. Of course, mothers will not let their kids use dirty snow boots. Some of tips below can erase all the worries and fears you have in terms of cleaning and maintaining the quality of your kid’s snow boots.

1.#Provide your kids a snow boots area. Set a space, a particular corner in the house entrance that could serve as parking space for your kids snow boots. Train your kids on how to place them properly and all the time before they even step on such spotless floor.

2.#Improvise a snow boots dryer. With the use of electric fan and pipe attached to it, one can make a snow boots dryer just so you could make the drying faster.

3.#Buy snow boots that are easy to clean. Don’t give yourself a hard time. If you know that such design is hard to clean up then don’t pick it. It would still look less attractive if you are not able to clean it very well. Make sure that the lining of the snow boots that you would like to buy may be detached from the bigger part of the snow boots to easily and properly clean it.

4.#Choose water-proof kid’s snow boots. Water-proof boots are easier to clean and are good in keeping the snow boots from getting wet.

5.#Clean before store. Maintain the quality of your snow boots by cleaning them before storing. This makes sure that unwanted dirt or mud will not harden itself into the fabric and cause damage to it over long period of time. This would also prevent the snow boots from building up bacteria and other germs gives foul smelling odor to your kid’s snow boots. Look at the bottom or base of the snow boots. Clean up the dirt and sand or mud that may have stuck there as these causes unwanted smell and may damage more the snow boots when these harden.

The best time to clean kid’s snow boots is when winter is nearly ending. Choose cleaning products that are compatible to the fabric material of the snow boots to prevent color fading and fabric corrosion. Lastly, dry them before storing in shoe cabinets while store detachable liners in a separate bag.

Kids Snow Boots, Snowsuits, Mittens and Gloves & Winter Wear! Huge Selection – Major Brands – Best Prices!

Home Buying Basics – Have a Certified Home Inspector Check Out Your House

San Diego is one of the most popular places to live in California because of its majestic beaches, great weather all year round, and plenty of wonderful outdoor activities where you can participate. These make San Diego homes pretty expensive. If you are planning to purchase your dream house in this sunny city, you have to make sure that you commit no error during the home buying process. One important thing that has to be in your home buying checklist is hiring a certified home inspector in San Diego.
Home inspection services in San Diego can provide you with valuable information on your desired home. When buying a house, there are many details that the potential owner has to know-from its wiring and plumbing to the roof. It is important to know that everything is in good condition. Hiring home inspection services guarantees that you will have a clear picture of the structural, electrical, and mechanical condition of the property. This is because home inspection services conduct a thorough examination of a particular property from the foundation up to the roof. Consulting a well-informed San Diego home inspection service can give you peace of mind and assure you the safety of your new residence.
Among the items to be inspected include:
• Structural components, which include walls, ceilings and floors, roofs, and the house foundation
• Exterior of the house, including the coverings of walls, landscape, grading, altitude, and drainage. Other important items that are checked include the driveways and sidewalks, fences, entrances, windowpanes, front yard, frills, illumination, and outdoor containers.
• Roofing, including the loft, frames, provision of fresh air to a room, roof structure, flashing around the chimneys and other junctions, and rain gutters.
• Plumbing, which consists of identification and evaluation of the condition of piping supplies used for pipes such as drain, waste, exhaust, and potable. Tub and bath equipment such as toilets, sinks, faucets, tubs, showers, and traps are also checked. However, the sewerage system is not included in the inspection.
• Ventilation, cooling, and heating systems and their components
• Electrical system, such as the circuit breakers, main panel, exhausts and ceiling fans, wiring, grounding, receptacles, and light fixtures.
• Built-in and major appliances, which include dishwasher, oven, range microwaves, smoke detectors, and garbage disposal.
• Garage, including the paving slab, walls and ceiling, vents, entrance, firewall, door and windows, garage openers, lights, receptacles, outer walls, and roof.
However, asbestos, radon gas, lead paint, toxic mold, and pest control are not covered in home inspection services. Specific licenses for each item are required for the inspection.
Knowing how home inspection services check out your house can give you peace of mind in dealing with a certified home inspector. Accordingly, many people find themselves uneasy about home inspection simply because they are unaware of the processes involved. However, as mentioned, hiring a certified home inspector can save you from a lot of trouble and money in the end. Most potential buyers only see the external appearance of the house without realizing that behind the beautiful facade might be hundreds of dollars worth of underlying problems.
One of the most important parts of purchasing any home, whether in San Diego or somewhere else, is the home evaluation process. The cost of hiring a professional San Diego home inspector is very little compared with the cost of possible repairs in the future. In order to make sure that you are making the right choice, have your potential house checked by a professional home inspector before signing the papers.

7 Steps For Buying a Short Sale Or Foreclosed Home

More people are buying homes and condos. Sales of homes and condos are up 11.4% in the first quarter of 2010 compared to 2009. The reasons are pretty simple – low prices and low interest rates. Short sale and foreclosures are representing over half of all sales in some markets.
Short sales and foreclosures are presenting some truly amazing bargains and getting one of these great deals is what you’re after. To get the best deal, it’s important to follow some critical steps when buying. This short guide will give you the basics of buying in the current market.
1. Know What You Want
What do you want in a home or condo? How much will you pay? Where do you want to be located? Answer these questions before you get serious. The number of properties available in the short sale and foreclosure markets make this step really important. When you’re browsing, this step is not as important, but when you think you are ready to explore buying, you really must define your wants and needs.
2. Know the Market Where You Buy
You need to know the local market and the smaller markets within the broad markets. You can find a lot of information and pricing trends at , , and many others. These services are great for research, but the information is often a few months behind. More current information is available from an active local real estate agent.
3. Get Your Financing in Order
In many cases these days, we are dealing directly with banks and mortgage companies. When we make an offer on a short sale or foreclosure, financing or proof of funds must be in place.
4. Venture Out
Once you know what you want, it’s time to view properties. Viewing properties is a process. You may start with a list of properties that interest you, maybe 5 or 10. You can get that list from different places, but the best list will probably come from your local real estate agent.
You may like a few or none of the properties on the first list. Don’t be discouraged, this is part of the process and quite normal. What the best real estate agents will do is ask you questions about each property you view to determine what you like and dislike. The next time you go out, you will be seeing properties based on those criteria. You continue through the process until you find the home or condo that meets your needs. Then you are ready for the offer and negotiations.
5. Make the Offer
How low should I go?
The offer you make will be based on a few main factors:
* How long has the property been on the market?
* Are there other offers?
* Competition in the price range
* Time and Patience
* You
A two bedroom – two bath condo on the beach at a low price may draw competitive bids. If the property is on the market for a few days and has multiple offers, going well below the listed price will probably not work. If the property has been on the market for a long time, going low makes sense. For short sales and foreclosures, you will often wait for weeks or months for an answer from the banks, so patience is needed. You have a better chance of going low with short sales. Once the bank has foreclosed on a property, they set a price they are looking for based on current market.
Know the local sales numbers. In what price range are most of the sales taking place? In some markets, homes and condos selling under $200,000 make up over 75% of the market. If you are making an offer in a hot price range, there may be more competition.
The decision on making an offer on a property is yours and depends upon you more than anything else. A real estate can offer guidance, but you need to make the decision. Let the real estate agent get all the information available on the property and the most recent similar sales and tell you what they think, but you need to make the decision.
6. After Your Offer is Accepted
After the offer is accepted you MUST get an inspection. An inspection is necessary for you to protect yourself. You also need to carefully read to Title Report, especially if additions or modifications were made. Make sure what should have been permitted was properly recorded.
Read the Appraisal Report. You are looking for errors, missing features and anything else that could make the appraised value lower than it should be.
7. Get Help
A good real estate agent should make the process as easy as possible. Find out who the best short sale and foreclosure agents are in your area. The agent should have training and certification and a track record of closing these types of transactions. If you hire a lawyer or accountant, hire the best you can afford. Get the best help you can.
Following these 7 steps can help you get a great deal when buying short sale and foreclosure properties.

Health Effects of Asbestos

The dangerous effects of asbestos have become common knowledge in recent years. Being a fibrous material, the greatest risk associated with asbestos is breathing in the tiny fibers it is composed of. These tiny fibers can become lodged in the lungs and cause serious health reactions.
Due to the heat and fire resistant qualities of asbestos it was used in many products. Some of the most common include clutches in vehicles, components of transmissions, paints and coatings which are heat resistant, materials for roofing, tiles, insulation paper, cement products, pipe insulation, door gaskets for appliances, and fireproofing products.
The dangers imposed by the existence of asbestos depends on the likelihood that it will become airborne. Asbestos that is fully contained such as in tiles or cement products pose no health risk unless and until the asbestos is disturbed by the cracking or chipping of the item. Once asbestos has found its way into the lungs it can lead to several serious illnesses. Prolonged exposure increases the changes of adverse health effects. The most common diseases linked to asbestos are:
• Asbestosis – scarring of the lung tissue which cause difficulty breathing
• Mesothelioma – a cancer affecting the mucus membranes in the lungs, heart, chest and abdominal lining
• Lung Cancer – a cancer than causes persistent cough, shortness of breath, chest pains and anemia
Lung cancer is the most common ailment attributed to asbestos exposure and mesothelioma is almost always caused by direct contact with asbestos over an extended period of time.
Asbestos Found
There are some more hazardous applications of asbestos than others. A home inspector may discover asbestos in a house that you are considering purchasing. What is most important is to find out if and what the posing risks of such a discovery are. Pipe insulation containing asbestos should be replaced because the asbestos can be easily released into the air. Things like floor tiles and siding which are made from asbestos pose less of a direct threat because it is contained and has little risk of being released into the air. The exception to these rules is when pipe insulation is encapsulated and when tiles or siding show visible signs of deterioration such as cracks and chips.
It is perfectly acceptable to ask that asbestos containing materials be removed before agreeing to purchase a home as it can be quite costly. You wouldn’t want to disregard the discovery only to later be charged thousands of dollars to dispose of it.
To make the decision whether to pursue asbestos removal or not you need to do a little investigating for yourself. Ask the home inspector to show you the asbestos containing material so that you can rate the condition. Based on your assessments your real estate agent can work with the seller to hopefully come to an agreement that works for everyone. In order to be thorough you should have an assessment and a removal estimate done from two separate firms whenever asbestos is found. This can be presented to the seller or used for your own personal reference.

Why Fireplaces Should Be Inspected Before A Home Is Purchased

Fireplaces should be inspected as part of a routine home inspection before homebuyers purchase their new property. This is a basic safety assessment. Just as a roof caving in could be a hazard, a fireplace that has improper ventilation or creosote build-up can cause harm to homeowners.
Fireplaces are one of the top three features people look for in a home, behind upscale kitchens and outdoor porches, according to the National Association of Home Builders. While new homes are usually equipped with gas fireplaces that produce less pollution in the air and are glassed in to prevent contact with the fire as well as reducing the risk of embers and wood rolling out onto floors, there are still many places that offer wood burning stoves. Most people are aware that chimney flues should be cleaned out once a year in order to prevent creosote from building up on the inside of the chimney. Creosote is a by-product of burning wood and can catch on fire. Creosote fires have been responsible for entire homes burning down.
Home inspectors will also be looking for cracks or leaks which can lead to toxic fumes entering the home. Debris that has gotten caught in the chimney, such as sticks and twigs or birds nesting in unused chimneys can cause a fire inside the chimney that can spread to the home or cause an explosion.
Blockage in the fireplace can lead to fumes being pushed into the home instead of released out. Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that can cause death and can leak back into a home with a chimney that doesn’t offer proper ventilation. Having a carbon monoxide alarm is essential for any home with a wood-burning fireplace. Lives literally depend on it.
While fireplaces can add a 10% increase to the value of a home, open fireplaces shouldn’t be used as a sole source of heat. While the heat close to the fire is evident, fireplaces suck up heat from the rest of the house, causing other parts of the home to remain cool or cold. Wood burning stoves are a great alternative.
A home inspector will also ensure the fireplace damper works. If left open when a fire isn’t burning, air gets sucked out of the home. A damper that doesn’t open can cause smoke and fumes to spread into the home.
For those looking at homes with fireplaces, be sure to have a trusted home inspector look at all the aspects of the fireplace during the inspection. Having the chimney cleaned before moving in is recommended unless the current homeowners can provide proof of cleaning within the last year.

Putting Together a Home Cleaning Checklist

When challenged with cleaning your entire house, it can be overwhelming. Your key to a successful and clean home starts with being organized and efficient. Using a Home Cleaning Checklist will keep you on task and provide you with direction. Below are some suggestions to help you stay on track.
1. Write a checklist starting with your most important cleaning chores that need your attention. You can print a checklist from the internet by typing “Home Cleaning Checklist” in the Google toolbar if you don’t want to write one yourself.
2. On your checklist start with a headline of your first area of your home. Title the section with the name of the room, like Master Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen or Living Room etc. I suggest underlining the Title for emphasis. Under these titles you will write down your tasks in respective category.
3. List all the cleaning chores under each main title, such as lamp shades dusted and wiped down under “Living Room”.
4. When you have completed the chore, draw an empty box beside it to show you have finished the task. Do this for every room you have listed. Be as detailed as possible.
5. Last but not least. Jot down any cleaning supplies you might need to complete your chores. Be sure to review what you already have to ensure time and money savings. There is nothing worse than going to the cupboard or pantry and finding two of this or three of that.
6. Add a cleaning schedule to your Home Cleaning Checklist if you have time restraints. Write in the time you would like to start cleaning these sections or areas of your home. Make sure you write down hourly goals for each section or whatever time you will think is necessary to complete each chore.
7. Draw a box next to the time of day to check off the entire area of your home when you are all finished. I like to hang my home cleaning checklist on the fridge. Then I can check off each item as I go. Happy Cleaning!
Note: If you have anyone living with you or you have children get them involved. Let them be a part of the planning and give them daily jobs too. This makes cleaning a lot of fun and you will actually look forward to planning your daily cleaning schedule and writing your cleaning checklist.

Vacuums – One For Every Need

Although vacuums have been around since the turn of the last century, it took a little while for every household to have one. However, once electricity became popular and was finally added to almost every home, housewives ran out to buy one of these new modern marvels. Looking at these earlier models in museums make it apparent that there really isn’t that much difference between then and now.
New ones are stronger, and of course they are aesthetically more pleasing, albeit in some cases that might even be questionable after seeing some newer models that come with all sorts of bells and whistles literally sticking out all over. One major innovation was the replacement of the old disposable bags with HEPA filters that are supposed to be more desirable, however, there are many who disagree with the logic for these HEPA filters since once they are opened to empty out, all the dirt and dust are then exposed to the air, negating the original purpose.
Rechargeable hand held models became popular in the 70s. They were made to hang on a wall in the kitchen and were always nearby for quick cleanups. They had about 15 minutes of use at full power, and when replaced in their charging units they could recharge completely in about the same time.
The original carpet sweeper had a major design rehab soon after when electricity was added. The original models were made for quick cleaning on hard floors but models that could handle a variety of carpet thicknesses were developed almost immediately. These designs were tall and sleek and very lightweight, making them almost a mandatory addition for every housewife. Not necessarily ready to replace the normal household vacuum, they were the perfect companion for every type of flooring need.
A popular choice that has been around since almost the beginning is the canister model. These are smaller, easier to move about, very light as compared to the typical upright models, and are the perfect choice for homes with staircases. The long hoses lend themselves to making any cleaning job easier because of the variety of available attachments to do just about any possible job from floor to walls to furniture and even windows and tight corners.
Lately, models that handle pet fur seem to be the popular choice for anyone who has pets. Pet fur needs special attention because it can become ingrained in carpeting and the fabric of furniture. Models that handle pet fur tend to be very strong when it comes to suction, and much larger than a regular machine. There are special attachments that help get the fur and dander out of just about anything from your favorite easy chair to your wall to wall carpeting.
The newer cordless models are much more powerful than their earlier predecessors and many more styles are available to suit just about any need. Uprights can convert to hand held and some can even handle carpeting of any depth. Certain styles need to be plugged in in order to be recharged, and others need their battery packs recharged in order to use. Both are equally as powerful.

Having it Your Way With Kids and Chores

One of the most common things you’re going to fight about with your child is the topic of chores. You probably find yourself asking them if they have done their chores only to get talked back at saying that they’ll do it later on. The reason behind their disgruntlement towards being told to do chores is because most of them find it boring and tiresome. With all of the means of entertainment available nowadays such as computers and video games, most children do not want to spend their time doing chores that they usually see their parents do for them.
There are many ways to get your children to do chores, but two main approaches. The first is the serious and punishment-laden approach for when nothing else will work, and the happy and rewarding approach for when your children are willing to do chores if you give them a bit of an incentive.
First, we’ll talk about the serious approach. Before you and your child get into another argument, you have to set your foot down and explain to them why they must do chores. Sit them down and ask them about why they don’t like to do chores, and try to tell them why they need to do them. If your child needs to be punished, you can try to time their chores. For example, give them 30 minutes to finish a certain chore or their bedtime will be made earlier by 30 minutes. You can turn this into an incentive though, by telling them that if they do it within the given time, then they’ll get a later bedtime.
Punishments for not doing chores should only be given as a last resort though. So you should try giving them an incentive instead. For example, you can give them an allowance or pay-by-the-task if they do their chores. If they don’t do their chores, then they don’t get as much allowance. This can apply to certain chores. Not everything they do around the house should be done for pay.
If you have young children, then a great way to get them to help out with chores is by making it fun. Young kids love feather dusters since they’re soft so you can give them the duty to dust things. Spraying and wiping is also fun for children, so they can do windows or tables. You can even make chores like a game. For example, folding clothes quickly and neatly or matching socks can be fun. Put on some fun music.
When children need to clean up their room, then you can hide sweets or a quarter in the room for them to have after they find it when cleaning up. You can role play when cleaning up to by playing maids and butlers or handymen. You can pretend to be the toys and talk to your child as the toys while they are being picked up.
Making children do chores doesn’t have to be so hard. All you need to do is use the appropriate approach for your children. Soon enough, they’ll be able to do their chores without groaning or griping, and both you and your children will be happy. Remember to appreciate their work all the time as well, so that they will feel like they’re really helping out. It can also be helpful if parents work at household chores at the same time their children do, so they are set the right example with the right attitude.