7 Tips For Women to Get Organized

Keeping a home clean and organized is a difficult thing to do nowadays. It sounds good in theory, but if you’re a busy career woman, wife and mother, your home may be the last thing on your mental to-do list. The following are seven easy tips to help you get your home clean and organized.
Keep a planner. Just saying “I need to do this,” is not enough. Get yourself a brand-new planner. Before you do anything, give it a special spot where you will keep it at all times. Keep it on your refrigerator door, put it by the kitchen phone, or keep it in your top drawer of your nightstand. In this special planner, write down little notes on a regular basis as you do your everyday chores and activities. If you’re the traveling kind of person, make sure that your planner is small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket. Today’s lives are hectic and unless a problem gets taken care of immediately, it’s very likely to be forgotten. So next time your husband tells you he can’t pick up Junior from his best friend’s birthday party two weeks from now because he has a business meeting, don’t just stash this information away in your forgettable mind. Write it down. Then, when that day arrives, you’ll open your planner and be reminded.
Review each day. After dinner, find about 10 minutes of alone time to sit down and think of all the things that need to be done. Think about today’s day. Is there anything that you’ve learned? Anything that you could’ve done better or can improve next time? Write down your thoughts in your planner as well as things that have to get done tomorrow so that you can be better prepared tomorrow. Many busy people find it very hard to fall asleep at night because they obsess with all the things that they didn’t get to do instead of sleeping. This 10-minute planning time will help you take off some of that stress and unwind.
Lose the all-or-nothing attitude. When it comes to chores, many people fail to multi-task. Instead, they get buried and possessed by a single task that takes away their entire day. It’s good to fully complete a task, but in a time where dozens of things need to get done, it may not be the best decision. If you have a big task that needs a whole day to do and you have to make dinner, do laundry and run errands (etc.) as well, make a plan to finish that task over a period of several days instead of one.
Make each day specific to a task. Make a list of things that you do on a weekly basis. Then, allocate each to a specific day. For example, since the weekend is usually the time for families to be together and the time to have guests over, make Friday your house cleaning day. Thursday is a great day for grocery shopping. You’ll avoid the Friday grocery store crowd and stock up your fridge just in time for the weekend. Monday is a great day to do laundry. Kid’s clothing can get quite dirty during their weekend play dates. Also, having done laundry on a Monday ensures that your family will have plenty of clean clothes for work and school during the rest of the week.
Pick one day per month for some serious devotion to your home. Pick one day each month during which you know you’ll be free from work and any chores. Use this day to do something special for your home. Organize your pantry, repaint the laundry room, clean all your bedding, curtains and cushions, or wash all your windows.
Get your family involved. Here’s a great opportunity to create long-lasting, loving bonds in your family. Get everyone involved with keeping your home in great shape. Sit down with your husband and come up with a serious agreement. The more directly you express your thoughts, the better your husband will understand how he can help. Remember, men are not as intuitive as women are, so make sure that he understands what each person’s responsibilities are. Small kids need to be taught from an early age. Of course, you can’t expect much from them, but as long as you make it fun and involve their imagination, they will learn discipline without even knowing it. Set up rewards for your kids and make sure to take breaks often and allow them to play.
Have a day off. Once a week, pick one day where you will completely forget all your chores. But, you must devote this time for yourself, otherwise it will be wasted time. Fill your tub with warm water and enjoy a luxurious bath, go to the library and check out a novel, do a crafts project or try to learn a new language. It doesn’t matter what it is – all that matters is that it makes you happy. Visit original article source.